DRwong Solutions Pte Ltd, in collaboration with Doctors for Life Medical, is a competent and professional Home Swab Service Provider supported by both Molecular Lab and Parkway Lab. 

The Notarised HealthCert with EU-DCC compatible QR code will be issued by Doctors for Life Medical

Get your Covid-19 Swab Test done conveniently at home to give you a peace of mind so that you can attend to your matters smoothly.

We offer a variety of options that are guaranteed to fit your every need.
COVID-19 Services
Type of Services Available (服务菜单)
(1) Report ART positive status ($30)

(2) Pre Event ART Remote Supervision ($15) 
     - one month unlimited $60
     - three months unlimited $120 

(3) Pre Departure ART Remote Supervision
     - with advance booking $30
     - same day appointment $50

(4) Pre Departure PCR Home Swab
     - Report provided within 24 hours $128
     - Report provided within 12 hours $158

(1) 申报 ART 阳性 ($30)

(2) 活动前 ART 视频监督 ($15)  
      - 1个月无限量 $60
      - 3个月无限量 $120

(3) 出国前 ART 视频监督 
      - 提前预约 $30
      - 当天需要 $50

(4) 出国前 PCR 上门检测 - 
      - 报告 24小时内提供 $128
      - 报告 12小时内提供 $158

Payments are non-refundable under all circumstances